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The Seven Fundamentos
by Ricado Cortez

Rico Cortez, firefighter, young-father-of-three, chiseled-like-Atlas, finds himself in the epicenter of a ripper. The two-story wooden house engulfed in flames, trapping three children in upstairs bedrooms.  Though not safe for firefighters to enter, Rico’s team rushes in.

Traumatic events often upend us.  Sometimes they ignite sparks of clarity to guide us.  The Seven Fundamentos is a magical, touching, story of the treasures a firefighter finds when venturing out to make sense of it all.  His journey teaches us, as only a few stories can, about the importance of breathing in the omens and wisdom strewn along the paths of our life experiences.

As life jolts us with its most important questions… Fundamentos evokes ways to find life’s most important answers.

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